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Robert Webber's extensive experience since 1973 serves as a cornerstone of these educational offerings. His transition from a seasoned professional to an educator ensures that students receive real-world insights, benefiting from decades of industry experience.

Certifications and Professional Development
On completing the courses, participants receive a certificate of completion, an essential addition to their professional portfolio. This certification is not just a testament to their learning but also aids in license renewals and fulfilling professional development credits.

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In an industry as dynamic and crucial as electrical work, continuous learning and professional development are not just beneficial but necessary. The landscape of electrical technology, safety standards, and code requirements is ever-evolving, making Continuing Electrical Education (CEE) a cornerstone for any dedicated electrician looking to excel in their career. Enhanced Electrical Workforce Development, spearheaded by Continuing Electrical Education.com, a division of Advance Electric Solutions LLC, exemplifies this ethos.

Journey of Visual and Hands-On Learning
Under the guidance of experienced professionals like Robert Webber, a veteran in the electrical field since 1973, CEE courses offer a blend of visual and hands-on learning. This approach is crucial in a field where practical skills are as important as theoretical knowledge. The courses are designed to be engaging and insightful, conducted in a professional yet relaxed atmosphere, encouraging participants to absorb and retain crucial information effectively.


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The range of courses offered caters to various aspects of electrical work – from Arc Flash training, PV Solar code classes, to grounding vs. bonding, and more specialized subjects like Healthcare Facilities and Motor Controls. Each course is meticulously structured to enhance understanding and application of the NEC, with emphasis on tables, examples, calculations, and Ohm's law. Crucially, these courses are CEU approved in multiple states, including Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, North Carolina, Utah, Wyoming, and Montana. Additionally, the program's recognition by authoritative bodies like IAEI, ICC, and NFPA as a CESCP adds a layer of credibility and ensures that the courses align with industry standards and requirements.

Safety and Compliance
A significant focus of the curriculum is safety and compliance. The courses are tailored to meet NFPA Electrical Safety requirements and OSHA CFR 1910 Sub-Part S 1910.332 requirements, vital for any electrical professional. The safety courses delve into NFPA 70E & 70B, outlining enhanced safety and maintenance programs crucial in mitigating workplace hazards.

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Beyond classroom instruction, the program extends into electrical consulting, inspections, and more specialized training. Their services are crucial for entities requiring electrical inspections by a certified inspector for code compliance, maintenance, and specification. The emphasis on education in safety compliance and safety programs further elevates the program's relevance in today’s safety-conscious environment.

Continuing Electrical Education.com stands as a beacon for electrical professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge, skills, and safety awareness. In an industry where staying updated is non-negotiable, courses like these not only empower electricians but also contribute significantly to the industry’s overall standards and safety. Whether you’re looking to refine your skills, stay abreast of the latest codes, or embark on a journey of professional development, this program offers the tools and knowledge to navigate the ever-evolving electrical landscape. For more information or to enroll in these transformative courses, professionals are encouraged to reach out at 1 (402) 612-2949 or visit the website for detailed course schedules and offerings.
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The courses cater to a wide array of professionals - from architects to general contractors, plant managers, and realtors, offering valuable insights into electrical safety and compliance. This diversity ensures that the knowledge imparted is not just for electricians but for anyone involved in the broader spectrum of the electrical industry.

Accessibility and Flexibility
Understanding the busy schedules of professionals, Continuing Electrical Education.com offers flexible scheduling options. The ability to arrange private company. classes and onsite training underscore their commitment to accessibility and customized learning experiences.
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