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We go the extra mile with our continuing electrical education classes. The value we provide clients comes from our level of skill and performance, as well as our knowledge and professionalism. Rest assured, we put the same level of energy into every class we take provide.

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Continuing Electrical Education NEC Code Courses Offered

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Hazards arising from the use of electricity are a present danger when using electricity of any kind.

Equipment using electricity needs regular maintenance to operate safely and efficiently, therefore, should be part of your regular scheduled routines.

Understanding the NEC is not as difficult as you believe

Special Occupancies, Special Equipment, and Special Conditions are all very understandable with education.

Grounding and Bonding are two very different functions in our electrical systems.

If you need help in understanding the NEC and it's Tables along with Art 220, this course will provide the information you need.

The knowledge and information needed to be known is tremendous. From simple Ohm's Law to Motor, Transformer, and many more calculations, this class will assist you to master these calculations.

NEC Requirements for Limited Energy Systems such as Fire Alarm, Control, Data, Communications Systems are covered in this class. Art 724 to Chapter 7.

Art 90 and Chapters 1 thru 4 of the NEC are enhanced and modified in Art 690 PV Solar Systems.

How does Art 480 - Batteries, Art 706 - Energy Storage Systems, Art 705 - Interconnection of Parallel Power Systems, Art 750- Energy Management Systems all work together, in Residential or Commercial applications?

Generators are a great way to protect your home or business from brownouts and power outages providing reliable power. Motors are used daily for many things and Transformers make it all possible.

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