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15 Dec, 2023
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NFPA-70B Course

The Nec tells us that when compliance with the rules in the NEC and proper Maintenance we can have an electrical system essentially free from hazards arising from use of electricity. Sec. 110.3 also tells us manufactures instructions are critical part of electrical installations and safety. How can we accomplish this? What is needed? How do we calculate frequency of maintenance of the equipment? What is a WMP? How is it established? Enroll now in this introductory course to learn the answers.

– Robert Webber.

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NFPA-70B per person 3 Hour Introductory Course: $525

NFPA-70B Course Training

What is NFPA 70B? How does it fit in our electrical systems? When does it apply?

NFPA 70B as now become more than just a recommended practice. It is now a Standard. How does this affect us as owners and electricians? We can assist with all your electrical continuing education needs in this area including:

  • Introducing NFPA 70B as a Standard
  • How to use NFPA 70B
  • How does it relate to the electrical systems and components?
  • How often is maintenance required?
  • What is a EMP?
  • How do I build and implement a EMP?
  • Who is responsible for what?
  • Why is an EMP important?
  • What are some benefits with an EMP.
  • What role does it have in safety?

Maintenance has become a very important part of electrical safety

So what do we do? The issues involved include among others, Electrical systems, circuits components, and PPE.

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