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15 Dec, 2023
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Understanding The NEC Course – Part 2

Understanding electricity and how it behaves in Special Occupancy’s, with Special Equipment, and under Special Conditions will help in installations in the special areas. These classes are designed to do just that. Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7 and chapter 8 have the additional requirements for these areas.

– Robert Webber.

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Understanding the NEC Part 2 - 6 Hour Course: $165
Understanding the NEC Part 2 - 8 Hour Course: $220

The National Electrical Code – Part 2

This course will take a look at Chapters 5 thru 9 and the Informative Annexes in the NEC.

To understand the NEC, it’s style of writing, it’s lay out, a careful study and examination of the NEC as a book and the NFPA Organization that prints and publishes these code rules. Not just the what of the code, but the why also. This class will further you code finding skills and understanding the requirements for a safe installation.

  • Chapter 5 Special Occupancies
  • Chapter 6  Special Equipment
  • Chapter 7 Special Conditions
  • Chapter 8 Communications Systems
  • Chapter 9 Tables
  • Informative Annex A Thru K
  • Healthcare Facilities  electric systems
  • Mobile Homes Calculations
  • Voltage Drop Calculations
  • Wiring Replacement

An education in the rules and regulations 

The rules and regulations of the NEC regulating an installation that is relatively safe from the hazards arising from the use of electricity.

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