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15 Dec, 2023
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Limited Energy Course

Electricity can be used at lower voltages, besides 120/240 etc. What rules in the NEC apply to these circuits and installations? From system operation to cable selection or replacement, this course will give you the code knowledge needed to keep systems operating in a code compliant state. Minimum 6 hour class 

– Robert Webber

Limited Energy - 6 hour course: $175
Limited Energy - 8 hour course: $275

Limited Energy Electrical Course

Electricity is arguably the most valuable resource we have in our modern society. Please call now for registering information on this class. 

 We can assist with all your continuing electrical education training. needs including: 

  • Lighting Control
  • Signaling
  • Remote Control
  • Power Limited Circuits
  • Fire Alarm Circuits and Cables
  • Art 724
  • Art 725
  • Art 760
  • Chapter 8 Communications Circuits
  • Wiring selection or Replacement


Fire Alarm, Security, Data, Control, lighting and more is addressed in the NEC. This class will give you knowlege of the NEC as it relates to these systems.

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